Things to do Outdoors with Kids in Elbert County

Lake day

From Richard B Russell State Park all the way to Bobby Brown Park there is plenty of beautiful water and plenty of beach areas to enjoy. Take the kids to swim at the swimming area or to have a picnic at a shelter.


After the kids enjoy a swim in the lake, take them on an educational, but fun, nature hike. Nature trails are available at Richard B. Russell State Park and Bobby Brown Park. Along the nature trails, there are informative plaques about local plants and wildlife, and maybe you will see an animal or two along the way!


Tired from your fun day? Grab lunch to go at one of our delicious restaurants or pack a sack lunch and take the kids to one of our many parks for a family picnic. From Sutton Park in the middle of town or to McWilliam’s right outside the city limits. Let the kids enjoy some time on the playgrounds or play some games in the fields. Don’t forget to bring Fido, too!


After lunch, take a leisurely walk, or rest while the kids play at one of our parks. McWilliams Park has multiple sports fields. Sutton Park has a play area and abundant fields perfect for Fido and the kids. Russell State Park and Bobby Brown have play areas and trails. There are many options to choose from & each one is as unique as the next!


Tired after a long day? Long drive home? Don’t worry, there are prime camping sites located all over Elbert County that the kids are sure to love! Russell State Park has tent areas and camper areas. Bobby Brown Park has yurt rentals along with traditional camping sites. So, break out the sleeping bags, make some smores and get ready to make unforgettable memories!


For an intriguing mystery, check out the Guidestones! This is a large granite monument with a captivating backstory, for more information, check out the Guidestones page on our website. Kids are sure to be fascinated by the 18 ft. stones with a message written in eight different languages. Make sure the kids do not climb on the stones, we don’t want anyone getting hurt!


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