Open Letter About 2022 Elbert County Visitor’s Guide

August. 24, 2021
Dear Valued Chamber Members and Elbert County Community Citizens,

We are writing to you today to let you know the accurate details behind The Elbert County Chamber of Commerce’s decision to hire Lunar Cow Publishing to print a Visitor’s Guide for Elbert County. We sadly believe that these details are being misconstrued and would like to remain the transparent organization we pride ourselves to be. 

Three years ago, the Elbert County Chamber’s Tourism Committee decided it was in the best interest of local businesses and the community at large to have a local visitor’s guide. The first choice for a publisher was the Elberton Star. The Chamber’s President, Leslie Friedman, brought the idea up to the local newspaper multiple times and determined they were not interested. Unfortunately, those meetings are all being denied by the newspaper. 

Having exhausted the most local option (the Elberton Star is printed in Athens)*, Ms. Friedman turned to two other Chamber members who could provide a Visitor’s Guide: 365 Total Degree Marketing and Lunar Cow Publishing. The Chamber asked each company to propose what they could provide in terms of a Visitor’s Guide and it was determined that Lunar Cow Publishing could provide more benefits to our local businesses. 

The Lunar Cow proposal and contract was emailed to each Board Member for their review and comments. There was only positive feedback, so we proceeded with plans to serve our community with a Visitor’s Guide. 

The Chamber has a long history of partnering with other organizations that will benefit our local businesses and community at large and this time is no different. We are proud to partner with Lunar Cow publishing in order to bring you a full-size print Visitor’s Guide, digital Visitor’s Guide, and interactive trip planner digital map. Lunar Cow was the only company that is able to advertise your business in these three unique formats. Additionally, they have displayed the type of professionalism and customer service that we would hope any partner would have with our member businesses. 

All advertising money from the Visitor’s Guide is paid directly to the Elbert County Chamber of Commerce. The advertising money allows the Chamber to provide the guide to all Elbert County visitors at no charge. According to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the direct tourism spending in Elbert County is $19.77 million annually. Our goal is to get more of that money in the hands of local business owners while also providing a valuable resource to visiting families and individuals. We have partnered with Lunar Cow Publishing because they are the Chamber member who can provide the best advertising product and customer service that we feel our members deserve. 

If you have any questions about the Visitor’s Guide we will be happy to answer them. You can contact the Elbert County Chamber of Commerce by email ( or phone (706-283-5651) or in-person (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm). 

The Elbert County Chamber of Commerce Staff & Board of Directors

To learn more about advertising in the 2022 Elbert County Visitor’s Guide, click here.

*Correction: The Elberton Star is printed in Cornelia, Georgia.

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