Elbert Youth Leadership Academy

The Elbert Youth Leadership Academy is a year-long leadership course for students in Elbert County who are rising juniors. Students will be excused from school for one whole day each month for a total of 8 days or sessions. During those days, they will learn about the local community including: 1) how decisions are made, 2) how local government and business operates, and 3) how they can make a difference in their community! The 2022 program begins in September 2022 and students will graduate from the Academy in May of 2023. Applications must be received by June 30th. 

An experience like no other, the Elbert Youth Leadership Academy won’t just look great on your resume- it will change the way you see your hometown. 

Mission: To provide leadership training to Elbert County youth that transforms lives, advances frontiers of leadership and strengthens the future workforce. 

Vision: The Elbert Youth Leadership Academy will be recognized throughout the State of Georgia as a guiding force for innovative youth leadership training . 
















Members of the Elbert Youth Leadership Academy and the adult LEAD ELBERT program visit the Capitol in Atlanta and speak with our House Representative, Mr. Rob Leverett.


Participating in the Elbert Youth Leadership Academy will…

  1. Introduce you to important leaders in the community
  2. Strengthen your communication and leadership skills
  3. Provide you with an adult mentor 
  4. Look great on your resume
  5. Be an invaluable experience!


  • You must be a rising junior (you are starting your junior year in Fall 2022)

  • You must be enrolled at Elbert County Comprehensive High School or be an active Homeschooled Student in Elbert County. 

Sample itinerary

One full school day a month between September and May, participants will be excused from school to participate in the Elbert Youth Leadership Academy. Please note: the program director is working diligently with the faculty and staff at the High School to choose days that limit any potential negative impact of absence for the students involved in this program. The first half of the day will focus on a specific part of the community and will include relevant tours and speakers. The second half of the day will focus on a specific set of leadership and soft skills. Lunch will be served free of charge during the day. 

The tentative schedule for the 2022/2023 program is below. Please note that sessions may be moved around due to availability of speakers, etc. 

Session 1: Team Building/Opening Day Retreat

Session 2: Being Part of a Community/students will learn basic etiquette and behavior as well as taking a personality test

Session 3: Judicial System/students will learn active listening skills 

Session 4: Local Government/students will learn decision making skills and visit the GA Capitol 

Session 5: Local Business & Industry/students will learn work ethic, resume, and interviewing skills

Session 6: College & Career/students will take career tests and learn about career opportunities

Session 7: Local Healthcare/students will learn about the importance of physical, mental, and emotional health

Session 8: Leadership Development Wrap-Up 

Application process

The Elbert Youth Leadership Academy can only accept a limited number of students. Students must apply and be chosen by a selection committee in order to participate in the program. Applications must be received by June 30th. Students- you will need to mail your application. Please remember to mail your application several days before it is due, so that it is received by the due date. Applications can be viewed and downloaded via the button below. The application is a Google Doc and will appear as such. 

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of community leaders. The committee will select a maximum of 20 applicants to participate in the program. All participants will be notified whether they were selected or not on Friday, August 5th by email. 

Any questions about the application or the selection process may be submitted at the bottom of this page or emailed to the program director: Leslie Friedman (leslie@elbertchamber.com). 

Download the Application

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Elbert Youth Leadership Academy Timeline

June 30, 2022: Application Deadline

August 5, 2022: Students will be notified of acceptance or denial  

September 17th, 2022:  Tentative date for Opening Retreat

May 2023: Elbert Youth Leadership Academy Graduation Ceremony

How to

Are you a community member who wants to invest in our youth? If you would like to sponsor or donate in any capacity, please contact us and we will be happy to talk to you! We are also looking for leaders who would like to participate as mentors to our youth. For more information, contact us per the information below and ask for Leslie Friedman. 

148 College. Ave. (Civic Center)

Open 8:00am to 4:00pm




Feel Free to send us an email using the form below! You can also call or stop by for any other questions!

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