Board of Directors Nomination

We are looking for 5 new Board Members for the 2021-2024 board year. Are you interested? Here are some frequently asked questions about the Chamber Board of Directors!

What does a board member do?

A Member of the board of Directors is responsible for establishing the direction of and policy for the Chamber; promoting the Chamber; actively leading the Chamber; serving as an active member of the Chamber; serving as a common liaison and ensuring and continuing the vitality of the Chamber. Directors shall avoid conflicts of interest. 

What are the requirements of a board member?

• Ensure adherence to the mission of the organization
• Attend and actively participate in all of the Board’s meetings
• When absent from a meeting, review minutes and results of the missed meeting but be aware only 3 meetings can be missed annually.
• Be prepared to participate fully in Board and committee meetings, including review of any materials beforehand.
• Serve actively on at least one committee (attend meetings and activities for that committee)
• Sponsor one board meeting annually (cost of approximately $120)
• Attend functions of the Elbert County Chamber of Commerce as representation of the Board of Directors with other board members.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment of a Board Member is a monthly board meeting from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. Extra time commitments vary depending on the committee chosen. Each board member serves on a 3 year term.

Do i have to serve on a committee?

Yes! Each Board Member is asked to serve on one of our five committees.

Camera Ready Committee: Establish a committee to provide as a network of resources for film projects in Elbert County.

Community Pride Committee: Promote our Chamber and members in any way possible.

Education Committee: Communicate with member businesses to see what the needs are in the business community and then find creative solutions to fulfill those needs.

Events Committee: Work with other teams to help brainstorm, organize, and execute successful events.

Tourism Committee: Work with Elberton, Bowman, and the County to collect data, introduce new tourism ideas, and market current assets. 

Can i nominate someone else?

Yes! Any member in good standing can nominate themselves or any other member also in good standing. 

How do i become a board member?

Fill out the form below!

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