Elberton Christmas Parade

The Elberton Christmas Parade is a beloved tradition of the citizens of Elbert County as well as people of surrounding counties as well! The Annual Christmas Parade is held on the first Sunday of December at 4:00 p.m. The parade goes through downtown Elberton with floats and other vehicles dressed up and decorated to fit the theme of the year. There are prizes given out to the top 3 floats that met the requirements of the theme!

2019 Christmas Parade: Christmas Stories

2020 Theme: Christmas Around the World

Parade Rules

  • $20 to join, $25 the day of!
  • There is only one Santa, which is provided by the Elbert Chamber & Main Street Elberton.
  • All parade Entrants must convey a Christmas Theme – decorated with bows, ribbons, garland, etc.
  • The following vehicles will be allowed in the parade: Emergency Vehicles.  Cars/Trucks/Tractors pulling floats, Cars/Trucks carrying invited dignitaries. Stand-alone vehicles are limited to Classic or Vintage Cars, Trucks/Tractors with appropriate Holiday Decoration.  Any material containing symbols or emblems that may be deemed offensive will not be allowed.  Safety precautions must be observed – rules will be strictly enforced.  Anyone operating a motorized vehicle must be at least 16 years of age.  Profanity is NOT permitted, either verbally, written, or musically.
  • Candy may be handed out but NOT thrown from vehicle.
  • NO loud music or smoking in vehicles, please.
  • Parade participants wishing to ride horses must provide your own clean-up.
  • Parade participants must arrive by 3:00 pm for parade line-up.
  • *NOTICE* Price for entry is $20 or $25 the day of.  1st, 2nd and 3rd place Prizes will be awarded to winning floats. 1st Place – $100, 2nd Place – $75, 3rd Place – $50.  Thank you for being a part of the year’s Christmas Parade!

Parade Route

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